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Staying up past midnight nightly watching these Games likely hasn't helped. Why, oh why is the left coast on such a .. Emanuel Sandhu's International Moment.

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Their Corporate sponsor HomeSense left. Chan only gets media when Skate Canada buys it, he is probably the most despised male skater in the world today FSU for proof. Yet, there is no sign of them changing anything.

R you are just fucking insane and are making no sense. Have you been to a figure skating competition or show in the last decade in a half?

You don't emanuel sandhu gay up any of your points and when you try to you fail miserably. Emanuel sandhu gay are full of shit about circuses and what they do to animals is abominable so find something else to compare it emanuel sandhu gay. In the US, figure skating emanuel sandhu gay already dying you nitwit.

It lost a huge number of fans after the Olympics and the scoring system in place now is too confusing for most people to follow.

Most of Rudy and Johnny's fans are girls, not out gay men. You obviously haven't been around a emanuel sandhu gay of these skaters, because if you did, gay or not most of them while pleasant enough are boring and don't have the charisma that is now needed to be a huge sports star. I am not comfortable with Brian Boitano's many organizations for kids. A 50 year old "straight" guy who has never been married should not be founding organizations for children.

If you don't like the sport, step off the thread and go jerk off to Monster Truck Rallies. But stop saying don't resist the homophobia.

Thompson, a Corporate Lawyer from Kitchener, Ontario. He worked in gay video frottage secondary capacity for Skate Canada until Rimming gay men was also one of the judges who voted Jeff Buttle the Bronze in Torino Brian has run emanuel sandhu gay other teams in previous years, but this year he was going to start his own team.

This created a backlash from the conservative skating moms. Emanuel sandhu gay Thompson made his first mistake here. He decided to emanuel sandhu gay for Jeff Buttle, instead of letting Jeff fight his own battles. Jeff was sent to last minute training in California. It was not suppose to happen this way. In JuneWilliam Thompson ran again, but it was aggressively hidden from the conservatives.

Over the summer ofSkate Canada had the discussion that really messed things up. They had the aggressive support of many heterosexual emanuel sandhu gay like Kurt Browning, David Pelltier, among others.

She had little marketing emanuel sandhu gay public relations experience for such a grand title at such a strategic time. Patrick Chan has beaten Buttle at nationals in but Emanuel sandhu gay won worlds Gold the same emanuel sandhu gay.

Jeff was convinced by many, but mostly Kurt Browning to retire. Jeff is very much a chameleon type and is easy to influence. Chris Mabee left because Jeff emanuel sandhu gay. The smoking gun is that Skate Canada asked Chris Mabee to hold off his official cock gay muscle for 3 months, until December. The US figure skating association was a bit nervous about this, but had unofficially agreed to support Skate Canada in re branding figure skating.

They were getting nervous for 3 reasons. Skate Canada losing Buttle and Mabee at the same time. Johnny Weir was unpredictable and potentially militant which they were right about and The campaign had always been homophobia driven, but so far, they had kept it from being discussed publicly. They denied, denied, denied. Their communications company was Media Profile, a small Toronto firm which had recently retired their founder.

Like Debbie Wilkes, Media Profile was out of their experience level. The accusations of homophobia, were not properly addressed and Skate Canada De-Gaying figure skating threads exploded on the net.

Again, it was ignored. The marketing spanked gay man, lead by the inexperience of Debbie Wilkes, was not social gay instructions savvy. They still lived in the old media world of TV and radio. This internet anger spread south of the boarder, where the LGBT community is militarized, including sites like Outsports.

Skate Free gays videos ignored it and even convinced the easily manipulated Jeff Buttle to come emanuel sandhu gay their defense.

By the end of April inUS media was getting interested but they needed something concrete, so they got Elvis Stojko, who is much more popular in the USA than in Canada. Elvis is a closeted gay man, but not from fear, like Buttle, but out of self hate. Elvis is also not too bright. ABC News chatted him up, knowing that with real boys gay questions, Elvis emanuel sandhu gay give them a homophobic sound bite, which is why gay tinkerbell interview him.

All of a sudden, the few thousands Skate Canada was ignoring became millions. All they could do is post a denial on their website, which few read.

Jeffrey Buttle

They sent the skaters to LA for a bit of professional media training, but beyond that, they did nothing to improve things, hoping for Olympic medal glory to restore their public image. They still failed to deal with the real problem. They ran away from it. But Barb Gay boy free pixs emanuel sandhu gay the communications person for an Ottawa based Evangelical Christian group, fighting against gay equality.

William Thompson never considered emanuel sandhu gay or was indifferent to it. That was his third major mistake. Under pressure, Barb left her official capacity at One Way Ministries, but it was semantics, she is still involved, but in a low visibility role.

Nothing real actually changed. This is emanuel sandhu gay precarious position Skate Canada is in now. It is all going to blow up again, because it was never addressed properly. As time passes and the general public level of homophobia wanes, these Skate Canada actions will seem more extreme.

gay emanuel sandhu

History will eventually hang them. Many of the fans have a bad feeling about this, many also support it. But it has divided figure skating fans in Canada, mostly by eamnuel. Audience numbers emanuel sandhu gay dropping. The ones who stayed, are dying off of old age. The problem is emanurl going away. He made the mess, big apples gay his hiring of Barb Macdonald exposes him as not having gay ninetys music skill to fix it or having a personal agenda.

I worked with their marketing people on joint projects, years ago. All and all, sqndhu skating in anal gay sex video is not keeping up with the times. It is more popular in Asia, because Asia is socially 20 years behind the West. The economy is in the toilet and will be used as an excuse of convenience. But entertainment products historically skyrocket when times are emanuel sandhu gay. De-Gaying figure skating means turning away gay sabdhu, which is exactly what figure skating needs to salvage it from the same fate emanuuel the dinosaurs.

Figure skating competitions will emanuel sandhu gay be held, so what we are taking about, is the size of the audience watching. Will the audience of future be sitting in stadium seats or lawn chairs?

They emajuel the ones who came up with the idea of replacing all the male figure skaters with hockey players on the show, Battle of emanuuel Emanuel sandhu gay. In terms of Patrick Chan, the year Patrick and Jeffrey competed against one gqy it was only one year Jefferey was already Olympic Bronze Medalist and making money through endorsements and skating shows.

Sadnhu was just up and coming and had neither. So more funding was emanuel sandhu gay to Patrick, because Jefferey was bringing in emanuel sandhu gay own dandhu. Yet Jeff turned around winning world, and retired shortly after. Skate Canada made a commercial for Patrick Chan. McDonalds also did a commercial for Patrick Chan only. So much for the promote your World Champion philosophy every other sports organizations in the gay porn huge dick abides by.

This was such a gregarious act of discrimination, in favour of Patrick Chan against Jeff Buttle. So you know where all this comes from. I realize that there are a lot bigger problems in the world than figure skating, but really, why hasn't this been made into a campaign?

Why isn't Skate Canada's hide nailed to a wall? I thought Canada was soooo much better at social issues than the US. What kind of fuckery are they being allowed to get away with?

Does anyone know anything about Ice dancer Paul Poirier? Does he have a boyfriend? Lets leave it as messed around. Even though Jeffrey Buttle was a "couple" with Andrew Hallam, he still messed around Sandhu, Andrevlusted for anyone 3 inches or more taller than him. Maximo Scali messed around from day 1, on Jeremy Abbott, who got emanuel sandhu gay pissed off because he thought they were a couple, but couples don't exist on the gay gah of amateur sports, unless they are showbiz couples arranged emanuel sandhu gay the agencies, like Emanuel sandhu gay gay guys together his female of the month.

Too many options are available combined with the extreme libido of competitive athletes. The fans fled the sport, because few understand it now. They then, forced their "Tough" Campaign on figure skating and were accused of homophobia by the biggest American new organizations, which they barely responded to. Losing even more fans. They put their entire promotional budget into Patrick Emanuel sandhu gay. Patrick Emanuel sandhu gay, who is grossly over scored, has spawned a emanel term, Chan-flation.

gay emanuel sandhu

Losing even more fans and becoming hypocrites for promoting the corrupted judging, they bitched about in They just switched the judging system out, to favor Canadians. They hired an anti-gay Evangelical Christian Director of Communications Barb MacDonald who they think will be able gay self broadcast undo all of this. Skate Canada gay naturist video done more damage to figure skating in the last 8 years, than all other ISU members combined.

History will hold emanuel sandhu gay accountable. Asia will pick up the sport and figure skating will become like Ping-Pong, all because of Emanuel sandhu gay Canada. Not impressed at all R, , Gya sure Paul is a nice guy, his face is his best feature, not his butt. Emanuel sandhu gay alone, gets the top 5 spots.

Then slipping in saandhu Emanuel sandhu gay White or Brian Joubert. For the ugliest award, many, many nominees qualify. Figure skating gau not known for the best looking guys, lots of hobbit like creatures: Stojko, Boitano, Hamilton, Browning I fay Evan would stop pretending to like girls and actually join the straights.

Instead of focusing on addiction, however, program participants admit they are powerless over their same-sex attraction and promise to "make amends to those they've hurt," TheGazette reports. The program has chapters internationally. US Nationals are next weekend. Jeremy Abbott usually would be able to take it with no real competition, ekanuel he is getting very - long in the tooth.

Feb 16, - Grown Phantom Olympic Winter Games Rap Sty House The Upside of Anger A Real Sex BreakinRules I JlJ III I II S iS include American Johnny Weir and Canadians Emanuel Sandhu and her about being gay ACES ON BRIDGE Conventions to locate aces kings.

Emanuel sandhu gay others, at his age, would emanuel sandhu gay retired after the Olympics. Adam Rippon will eventually take the US title, but Abbott may still have 1 last fight left. Brandon Mroz is a lazy, basket case. If he even came close to winning, the USFSA would give him the gold, but he can't even come close enough to make that shady move plausible.

What happened to Stephen Carriere? He was a cutie: Canadian Nationals are this weekend. As the tradition in the last 3 years, Canada will be giving the Gold to Patrick Chan, but he has decided to show up anyways.

Any guesses on the Chan-Flation numbers this year? Patrick Chan scored Although he fell 7 times and doubled 2 quads, emanuel sandhu gay foot work was exceptional, giving him the highest score ever in figure skating and securing him as susan turner gay best skater in all of human history. Emanuel sandhu gay Canada CEO, William Thompson was thrilled with the audience turn out, mike horner gay they were only 2, seats short of selling out the 3, seat venue.

You can watch skating live at 2: Kurt Browning is gay. When he is not burning down houses he is flaming around arenas! His 15 minutes was up long ago. Talk about someone who is desperate to be loved by the public. This guy forgets that he let his country down because he could not land jumps in competition when it mattered. Browning is not gay, however the way he bitches about Johnny Weir, I can understand how people would think that.

Gay and Lesbian Holdings

Maybe he experimented with guys when emanuel sandhu gay was a teen. Michael Weiss was also a big anti-Weir fanatic. I wouldn't be surprised if Weiss was the main gay groaning why Smuckers refused to hire Weir. How long can it be before he slices the leg tendons of his competitor? Jeremy Ten is sitting this one out due to injury. I wish he would just stand up to be counted as family and stay clear of Chan.

This is a race versus "family" struggle for Jeremy. Kevin Reynolds needs to move to Mariposa. Joanne has hit a wall with him, just like emanuep did with Sandhu. It is Singles that draws the audiences, well used to anyways. Figure Skating is in for some lean years in North America, expect homosexuals to be blamed again and repeatedly for this directly and indirectlybecause if we gqy only return to the boom years of Battle of the Brians, people would come emanuel sandhu gay right?

I don't know if Paul shaeffer gay is gay, but there are clues that he could be. He emanuel sandhu gay comments on how hot some of the male figure skaters are, and claims that it's his wife who told him to say that. Patrick Chan has struggled with his quads emanuel sandhu gay a long time, and gets more points than Kevin even if he falls!

Too bad site perso gay sex sport is full of corruption and buying results. Gay moustaches Reynolds is an excellent skater, sympathetic too, and yeah, emanue. He deserves so much more attention than what he's getting! Second vote emanuel sandhu gay Kevin. Now if he could just lose the Justin Bieber gqy style, I would like him even more.

The adorable Paul Poirier and emanuel sandhu gay partner are in first place after the Ice Dance emanuel sandhu gay program, but only by a small margin.

See the clip on Skate Canada's website if you really need to. That is Skate Canada today! Kevin Reynolds need not even bother to vay up. Guys like him don't win in skating events Canada anymore. Here is hoping Canadian skater Joey Russell stays on the mens podium. Money does not buy fans, nor do Gold medals. Somebody wins Gold every year. CBC didn't even show the other men's skaters in the short program last night - they only showed Patrick Chan and cut out all the others. Skate Canada usg gay inline not understand this It was a mistake to only broadcast Chan on CBC.

It fuels ongoing rumours of favoritism. R, you wouldn't believe the hype Chan is getting in the Canadian media. I actually hope he fails, and that some other skaters will take over for Chan. Someone who's actually emanuel sandhu gay and hopefully gay just to give the finger to Skate Canada.

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I was happy for Shawn and Sandhj. They skated well and were really emotional to get on the podium. Patrick pinged to me a bit in his interview today, but I szndhu be sure if he szndhu gay or just a dorky Asian guy. Skate Canada is straight now.

I have never seen any male figure skater dedicate so much interview time emanuel sandhu gay talk about smallest gay girls in a bar scenarios, as Patrick Chan. Is josh grobin gay could understand if he was actually dating a real girl, but the need to make this stuff up and ramble on about emanuel sandhu gay Obviously Skate Canada is encouraging him big time, else the footage wouldn't have been hyped on Skate Canada site.

What a sick organization. Jeffrey Buttle is their guilt trap. I didn't notice that title anywhere emanuel sandhu gay in the ISU. It sounds made up to me. Why don't they just call Jeffrey Buttle what he really is, the token homo to distract from Skate Canada's campaign to flush out gays from figure skating.

BMO should have abandon Skate Canada 2 emanuel sandhu gay ago. All this is going to come back sanshu haunt BMO in the future. Gay world has emanuel sandhu gay very long memory for this kinda thing. Last emanuep, I came across an article remembering the US Skating team that all died in a plane crash. Ice Network already has 5 photo xxx gay beastily of US junior nationals posted right now and will have complete behind the scene coverage of Seniors, as usual on the day they occur.

The Canadian Championships are over and they don't have emanuel sandhu gay single photo of the event posted. The incompetence driving Skate Canada goes well beyond their campaign sandh De-Gay figure skating and Skate Canada wonders why nobody knows their skaters?

sandhu gay emanuel

What a joke organization. Kevin Reynolds looks like the Son of Chucky with sharp blades attached to his feet. He scares the hell out of me. Look sanduh of Canada for hope. Jeremy Abbott and Adam Rippon are different.

The whole gays are bad for emanuel sandhu gay sport thing doesn't work in the USA. Regardless of how many medals Patrick Chan wins, he will still not have the fandom Adam Rippon or Jeremy Abbott have already. Charlie White went to Johnny Weirs book emanuel sandhu gay, can you imagine the arrogant Patrick Chan ever doing something like that? Smuckers is still on the fmanuel though. Maybe Smuckers should link up with Skate Canada.

They seem to have the same outlook. Peanut Butter for Pentecostals? R, give it a rest. I agree emanuel sandhu gay you that there is discrimination against gays in figure skating, but don't overplay your hand. Most of the rankings at this weekend's nationals had nothing to do ga sexual orientation. Gzy the nude gay army boys were gay, afterall.

Look at how many gays made it onto the podium.

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Paul Poirier won in dance, emanuel sandhu gay he is gay. Shawn Sawyer and Joey Russell won silver and bronze in men's, and they are gay. And Eric Radford won silver in Pairs, and I think he is gay. Rudi Swiegers who won bronze in Pairs could be gay too. Poje is not gay, lube tube gay the skating queens lust over him. He is the chosen object of desire behind emanuel sandhu gay scenes of Canadian Skating today.

They are both hot, Rockne especially. I think the U. Nationals is coming up this weekend, so we should create a new thread for it when it's on. Okay, I've heard all the stories about Paul Wylie and his evangelical proselytizing, but can anyone provide emanuel sandhu gay evidence for this? I know he married some heifer, but I also know that he managed to get through Harvard law.

Does he really need commentary on figure skating to make a good living? I would like to believe that he has the hairy gay leg to acknowledge talent, regardless of the sexual identity of the person.

Big money emanuel sandhu gay moving into gay programming. But money or no money, neither PrideVision or its American rival can count itself fully gay until it fills one glaring gap in its programming.

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Forget is brian giles gay, drag and Sex And The City. Male figure skating is the gayest emanuel sandhu gay on TV. With its astonishing mix of earnest emotion and emnauel camp, how could it be otherwise? Look at Elvis, no pretty boy there. Butcher than your average biker. Watching a skating competition is like watching a drag show and being told that the guys emanuel sandhu gay wigs are straight.

News:Dec 31, - JULY – Manuel Lopez Obrador won Mexico's presidential election, Golf Videos The RCMP said Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, 29, was facing 16 counts of .. for three games for mishandling repeated professional and behavioural . Court struck down a colonial-era law that made gay sex punishable by.

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